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Saturday, October 31, 2015

2º ESO And the winners are...

It's been reaaally difficult to decide!! I loved all your stories. Believe me, you did an amazing job!! These are the winning stories in 2º ESO. CONGRATULATIONS!!


It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and saw… Oh!!! They were Juan and Aitana, they wanted to scare me! “Hi guys!” I said. “Come on Claudia! We can't be late!” Aitana said. “Ok, just 2 minutes.” I lied…

After 10 minutes.... “Clauuuuuudia! Come down!” “I'm almost ready!” Aitana, Juan and I went to the party where we were meeting the rest of our class (2ºESO A). When we arrived, all the class was there. The music wasn´t ready! At eleven o'clock, music started and we all danced. The songs we danced were: La Gozadera (because Diego proposed it), How deep is you love, Lady Madrid, The mordidita, I just wanna break the rules, La bamba, Deep down low, Outside, Ain´t nobody, Marry the night, Total eclipse of the heart, Ginza, Play my music... We were dancing until 1:00AM because, suddenly, many vampires and witches appeared!!! “Oh God! The witches are catching Raquel, Pablo, Alex, Juan, Clara and Jimena!!” Alejandra said. “And the monsters are eating them! They're going to die!” Noelia added. “Quickly!!!!!!! Follow me” Adela proposed. All the class followed Adela, because she knew a hiding place to be safe. We were all so excited and speaking at the same time so I said: “Shut up everyone! Thanks. I have an idea; we are going to go out of this place, ok? Because I'm listening to noise near this hiding place and I think vampires are coming, but, keep calm please.” “Ok, perfect!” Héctor said “It´s seems a very good idea” Ana, Carmen and Johnny said. “I'm so scared” Gema said. “Don´t worry! Be happy!” Diego told her. And he hugged Gema. “Okay, let´s go!”

Finally we were in the street; we ran a lot because vampires ran very quickly. “Oh my god!!! Where are Gabriela, Adrián, Adela, Jorge, Gabriel and Claudia?” “There!!! They're flying!?” Inés said. “Nooo!! They´re becoming vampires!!” Carmen said. “And their bodies are exploding” Ana said. “We must go on or we are going to die!” Eva said. “Auchhh! I want to dance! //♪and gozadera is here...♪//” Diego was singing. “Shut up!!!!” everyone said at the same time. “You´re so annoying Diego!!” Aitana told him. “And you so pretty honey!” Diego replied. “Stupid...” everyone said again. The 2ºA survivors (until that moment) went to eat something to a McDonald´s. They were thinking about everything that had happened in the last hours of their lives when a bomb fell and all 2ºA survivors died. It was the worst Halloween night ever. Nowadays, nobody knows why 2ºA CLASS died that awful night. People think that the person who organized everything was their school tutor, Noelia García.


It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and saw a light. It was a mild light, and the street was very dark. I lived in a village with my two brothers and my parents, but that night my grandparents came. I was a little bit scared, so I thought “be calm, it is a funny night, put your costume on and...” Ti-ti ti- ti. The light was trembling. Now I was a little bit more scared. After that, I turned around and... “Aaaaah!” There there was my mother and she said to me: “Shhh! The dinner is ready. Your grandparents are waiting for you, and now, go to the living room.” When she turned around, I saw a spider running on hes neck. I shouted, but when I blinked again there was nothing. “What is wrong with you?” said my mother. “No..No...Nothing, sorry.” “Ok, now go to the living room.” “Ok, I´m sorry mum.” When she disappeared, I thought: “Something is wrong here.” At that moment I was really scared and nervous. After that, I went to my bedroom, but my lovely cat wasn’t there. I started looking for him, but it was not there. Suddenly, the light turned off. Tu-tum Tu-tum Tu- tum. I turned around, but I could not see anything. Tu-tum Tu-tum Tu-tum. Someone was walking. Tu-tum Tu-tum Tu-tum. When the light turned on, I jumped and shouted, but there was my little sister laughing. “Oh, you are silly, Marta, don´t scare me.” “After that, we went to the living room. All the family was there. They were very serious and calmed. All of them look at us, and after that they did not say anything and continued eating a strange soup... with... eyes? I looked around but my sister was not there. I was really scared, sweaty, and nervous. “Marta? Marta?” “Who are you talking to?” said my father. “To your third child, of course.” “I only have two children, you and Alice.” “Ok, it does not matter.” My voice was trembling, and I was really scared and very sweaty, because when I looked at him he had a bit of blood in the hands. I sat on the chair and, suddenly, there was a sound. Tin! The chicken was ready. When I looked around my mother was not there, but I thought: “It does not matter, they are your family and they love you” but in my head I was thinking that they were crazy. “The chicken is ready!” said my grandmother with a crazy face and smiling. After that, all the people started laughing and smiling. I made a nervous smile, but I was terrified. When she put the chicken on the table it was not like a chicken. “Eat it dear, it is delicious.” she said smiling. “O...O...O...Ok.” I ate it, but it was very disgusting. Suddenly... I heard a shout from Marta and after that my mother appeared smiling with a lot of blood, and all the people stood up and started smiling and laughing. “What is this?” I was terrified, very nervous and sweaty. “Roast cat…” said my grandmother. Everyone started laughing very loudly. I spat ... that thing, and I saw a lot of spiders running on the wall. I started crying... and I saw that my mother had a knife with a lot of blood on it. Then I asked: “How can you have done this?” I was crying a lot, and my grandma said: “We like roast cat, and now... we want to eat you, so you are the next.” I started shouting, crying and...


It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and saw a group of children asking for candies in the street in front of me. "Trick or treat! Trick or treat!" They were wearing costumes. One of them was a vampire, another one was a pumpkin, another was a skeleton and a little girl was a witch. At that moment an enormous dark cloud appeared over them. They looked at it frightened. I heard a terrible noise and, suddenly, the vampire disappeared! The children screamed. I was terrified. I tried to leave my house to help them but I couldn´t open the door. It was closed. I run to the window and just at that moment the pumpkin disappeared too. The skeleton and the witch were running towards my house. I opened the window and shouted: "Come in! Come in!" But there was only the little witch. She was alone. She was crying. "Where are my friends?" she said. I took my hand out of the window to hold the little girl. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying: "You can´t do anything to help her now. She´s mine". And before I could hold her she disappeared too! I've never seen them since then. But every year on Halloween I can hear them laughing and saying "Trick or treat! Trick or treat...! If you don´t give us any candy, you´ll come with us".

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