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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a holiday celebrated every year on the 4th Thursday of November. Do you want to know more about Thanksgiving Day? Here you have a couple of videos to find out more about this celebration.

A short history of Thanksgiving

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

President Obama pardons 2012 national turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And the winners are...

Judith Chicharro Sanz. 1º ESO A 
It was a cold Halloween night when I saw a haunted house .The house was very awful. In the house lived four ghosts and one witch. The witch told me: 'come here', and I came in. The witch put me in a jar and she put her black cat around me. The ghosts came to the jar and said to me: 'you can't escape', and I fainted. 
When I woke up I saw a little black cat in front of me. The witch put me in a very big candle and to turn me into a WAX STATUE. The people said if you come to the hunted house... YOU TURN INTO A WAX STATUE and you torment the rest of the people... HELP ME PLEASE !!! I'm a WAX STATUE ... 
THE END...I think so but...the history doesn't finish here... 

Beatriz Luis Magdaleno. 1º ESO B 
It was a cold Halloween night when I saw an old cemetery. There were many open tombs. I was scared because in the holes of the open tombs there were dead people. I walked around the cemetery to investigate this strange place but, suddenly, I heard a noise and I ran to it. I saw something that moved in the hole of one tomb and zombies began to go out of all the tombs. They were green frightening creatures, dressed with old clothes and full of blood. I ran to the forest next to the cemetery but the zombies ran behind me. I arrived at a mysterious mansion, I entered in it and I closed the door behind me. I was in an old room; there were a lot of pictures and strange statues. Then, I heard the zombies outside and when I thought that the zombies were going to kill me, I woke up. Everything had been a terrible dream of a scary Halloween’s night! 

Pablo Cardo Culebras. 1º ESO C 
It was a cold Halloween night when I saw a boy going to a party where he meet a lovely girl. He asked her to dance, the girl accepted, and they continued dancing and talking all night long. The party was almost over so they decided to go home. When they went outside they realized that it was really late, the girl dind`t have a jacket. So the boy lent her his jacket. The next the day the boy went to the girl's house. He rang at the door. The old man told that his daughter died one year ago. And the boy didn´t belive it. So he went to the tomb where he found his jacket... 

Juan Carlos Cano. 2º ESO A 
If I could be whatever I want I would like to be an invisible man. It would be great, because you could do anything you have ever imagined: you could have a really interesting job, a spy, because nobody could see you; you could slip in many places, like football stadiums... but the best part is that you could do as many jokes as you want. 

Marta Pérez Villarrubia. 2º ESO B 
I think I would be a terrifying and bloody clown, I guess like a clown and a zombie together because I like the mix, I would be a "clownbie", why not? I would scare a lot of people around the world. The first place that I would go would be my house to scare my sister because it would be very funny! That would be great! I think I would live on the moon and on every 31st of October I would scare thousands of people! 

Diana Briceño Montoya. 2º ESO C 
I would like to be Marilyn Monroe Zombie, because I want to teach how to act in the scene. I would be dead so a lot of people would be scared, but it's Halloween so some people would think that it's a costume. I would go to Madrid because is the capital of Spain and there I would go to Gran Vía because there are a lot of musicals and I would act in my last performance, which I couldn't do before because I was dead. 

Nerea Oñate García. 1º Bachillerato A 
Hi, today I'm here to write the best story of Halloween ever. 
On 31st of October 2010 I was thinking what I could wear to make the scariest costume. I thought about a skeleton, that's scary but not enough; or a zombie, but this is very common so I surfed on the internet and I found a really great idea... So I decided to make this but it was very complicated and I spent a lot of time... but the result was really awesome. My costume was an Old Woman Witch. Then, some friends went to Tato’s house and when we were watching a terror film, we started to hear strange noises. We thought that it was Tato’s dog but then Tato called her dog and it stayed with us watching the film but the strange noises continued louder and louder near the window. I looked at the window and I saw a strange figure that moved to the other side but I thought that it was just my imagination. But five minutes later, Maria said that she had seen something like that. We thought that it was only a shadow of the street. The strange noises continued and we decided to find what was making that. We came out to the terrace but there wasn’t anything so we continued searching for it and when we were going to the kitchen we saw it. It was a tall black figure like a man. We stayed in silence and when this thing was starting to say something I didn’t understand, Tato’s parents came and the strange figure vanished. We’ll never know what the strange figure was… 

Alberto Campos Santamaría. 1º Bachillerato B 
My best Halloween dates from 1823. I remember it very well, because it happened something really horrific. 
I was in London, it was cold and foggy, I was going to a party, a costume party, but this party turned into a nightmare party. When I arrived everything was going very good, the people were very happy, dancing and joking, but a strange noise came from the street and we went out to see what happened. In the street there was a man on the floor, without his head, full of blood and the innards out of his body. We were shocked and we tried to call the police, but the police was in another town, because some people were fighting, and they had to go there. We were alone. Sam, who was very brave went next to the man, took him and threw him into the river Thames, it was the worst mistake in his life. We tried to continue with the party, but it was impossible, of course. Sam was very strange, he was cold, and with high fever. Tim, his best friend, went near him, but Sam attacked Tim one time, and other time, and another, and another until Sam killed Tim. And then he attacked all the people, and they became like Sam. It was because the strange dead man was a zombie, and he infected Sam, and Sam infected all the people. I was in danger and I ran all I could, but it wasn't enough. They caught me, but a man frightened them away. He was a zombie-haunter, and my salvation. He took me away, to a safe place, and he gave me a shotgun, he told me that the zombies will be there in a few minutes, and we had to fight. The zombies arrived and we started to shot them and kill them, until the man without head arrived. He was a superzombie, and we couldn't kill him because he was immortal. First he killed the zombie-haunter and then............. 
BOOOM!!! I woke up and went to school. It was only a dream. A bad dream.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember, remember the 5th of November

On the 5th of November people in England, South Africa, Australia and some parts of Canada celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, also known as The Bonfire Night. Watch the video to find out why and how they celebrate it.