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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

European Day of Languages

In how many languages do you know the word 'hello'? Go to the following link and listen to it to find out: http://edl.ecml.at/Portals/33/sound/hello.mp3

26 September is the European Day of Languages. This year, 2012, it is the 11th time it is celebrated since it first started in 2001. It is an initiative organised by the Council of Europe and it involves 47 countries. 

© Council of Europe, Strasbourg www.coe.int/EDL

In order to celebrate this special day on our blog, here you have some links from the official European Day of Languages website where you can find out about this day and how people around Europe celebrate it, some sites where you can have fun playing games related to languages, quizzes to test how much you know about languages around Europe or even a test where you can find out your knowledge about European languages!

  • Languages facts: learn some important thins about European languages 
  • Once you've read the language facts, are you ready to take a quiz?
  •  How about some memory games?
  • In how many languages do you dare to self-evaluate your language skills?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to work

We're back! I hope you all had a great summer, but now it's time to get back to work. You still have a few more days before you start school and I'm really looking forward having you there again.

Here you have a video with some of the work that the students in 2ºESO made last year. I don't have them in my class this year and I will miss them. That's why I want to share this video with you, to remember them and all the great work they did.

Hope you enjoy... and... WELCOME BACK!!!