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Saturday, October 31, 2015

1º ESO And the winners are...

Thank you all for sending your stories. It's been very difficult to decide. All your Halloween stories were great and very scary!! I don't know if I will sleep tonight... I'm very frightened right now... Anyway, these are the winning stories. CONGRATULATIONS!!


I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out: “Trick or Treat!” “Why this house, Sophie?” “Jade told me we had to come here.” “Oh, great, and we have to obey your stupid doll...” Suddenly, someone opened the door. It was a cute little girl. She was wearing a wet nightgown and she was barefoot. We said again: “Trick or treat!” but she didn’t answer. Then I asked her: “Is your mum inside?” She shook her head and said no. “Can we help you change your clothes? You will get a cold” my sister said. She didn’t answer but she pointed inside. We followed her to a dirty pink bedroom. I saw a picture which attracted my attention: a strange woman with three little girls. The old one was like me when I was younger. “What is your name?” Sophie asked her. “Don’t you remember? I´m Jade!” she answered. “Like my doll!” Sophie said. But Jade told her: “I was your doll…” “I think it would be better if we left this house, Sophie” I recommended. “OK, but first let me help her.” But, suddenly, Jade disappeared. Sophie and I ran as fast as we could to our house. When we arrived there, we told everything to our parents, and they seemed to be hiding something. I went to my bedroom and I searched the address of that house on my laptop. I saw this on Google: “Adelaida Riberson, a desperate mother, drowns her youngest daughter, Jade, in the bath. Fortunately the other two girls were adopted in a good family…”


I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out: “Trick or Treat!” No one opened the door. We called again. Nothing. The rest of the group went to another house. I say the rest of the group because I didn´t go with them. Why? Because I saw a mild light into the house. I saw a window and I looked through it. There was a... sheep... and the light was a candle, a red candle. The sheep was eating the red candle! Then, the sheep saw me. Her eyes were red!! Like the candle!! So, I went running to where my group was, and I told them everything. They thought that I was lying. But I wans’t!! When we went back to our houses to sleep, I looked through my room´s window. And what did I see?! There were a lot of sheep ALL OVER the garden!!! With red eyes!! Now, I´m in my wardrobe writing this, because there are sheep in all the city!!! THE SHEEP´S INVASION!!!! The end :)


I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out: "Trick or Treat!" The house was dirty, old and not very beautiful. It had small windows, and a wooden and very old door. The house had a small garden around the house with a broken fence. A woman opened the door, she was old, dirty and very ugly. She was strange and had striped clothes. She had a black cat too. She gave us candies and she invited us into her house. Inside, the house was like from the outside: dirty, old and there were spider webs. She said that we had to sit down and we did it. Then she went to a small room with lots of bottles with different colours and sizes. We saw the old woman mixing the liquids of the bottles and she put it in a pot and started cooking. A few minutes later, blue smoke appeared in the house. She gave us the liquid in different glasses. We were ready to drink it when a friend dropped the liquid over an old book. And, suddenly... A huge monster appeared in the living room. The book was magic, and the woman was a witch!!! We were very scared and we went out the door but the witch ran behind us. Luckily, a policeman shot the woman and the monster. But the legend says that the spirit of the witch is in the house killing everyone who says trick or treat. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

I don't want to fail to mention a very special story within a story by CELIA PRADA GONZÁLEZ from 1º ESO A:

I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out, "Trick or Treat!”. No one came, so I pushed the door and it opened by itself. I was frightened; I thought Larry would open the door! Larry is the owner of the library; he's a good old friend of my best friend, Amelia. He’s got long blond hair in a ponytail and light green eyes. We decided to meet there at 12 AM to tell scary Halloween stories in the dark. I walked through the corridor with my vampire costume. It was even darker than other days I went there at night... I arrived to the place we wanted to meet when I heard a sad voice behind me. I turned around, but no one was there. Instead, I saw some red stains on the floor. Finally, after being paralyzed for some minutes, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. "AAAAHH!!" I screamed. They were Amelia and Larry. And, obviously, they were laughing. "That was not nice, guys!" I said. "We are supposed to scare people on Halloween, aren't we?" Amelia told me. Amelia is short and red haired. Her hair is short and straight. She’s got beautiful yellow eyes. She always wears a yellow shirt with a pink bow as a bow tie. She wears glasses too. This time, she was wearing a black witch costume and a witch hat. Larry was wearing purple clothes and a fake knife. He was also wearing a purple and black cap. He looked like a security guard, but I think he was dressing as a videogame murderer. "I've got everything ready, so let's start!" Larry said. “Amelia, do you have the Halloween candy?” “Of course!” she replied, showing a bag full of candy. We sat on some chairs in a small circle. There was a little lamp in the middle which radiated a weak light. I was bad at telling stories, so I had no stories to tell. Amelia looked like she had a good one. “So… who starts?” I asked. “I have a VERY good one!!” Larry said. He was excited to tell his story. Maybe too excited. “Aww… Alright, go for it” Amelia said. Larry cleared his throat and started:

"ONCE UPON A TIME… There was a beautiful kingdom where everyone was happy. Everyone had money, a home and food to eat. Everyone was kind with each other, and everyone loved both the king and the queen. They had a pretty little daughter. Her hair colour was dark as the brown leaves in autumn and she had her mother’s eyes, grey as the full moon in the night sky. The princess was only 7 years old when a near dark town invaded the kingdom. The king was very busy controlling the guards and the army. At the end, they were too many; and so he decided to join his own people to fight them. The queen helped the residents to hide from the invasion. The little princess was scared to death. She was worried about her dad. What did the invaders want from them? Will her daddy be ok? Her mother realized she was crying, and the queen told her: “There’s still hope, there can always be hope. You just need to search for it, my dear”. A tear fell from the child’s face, as it touched the ground softly, making a flower grow up from the floor. She will never forget those words. 
When everything was over, everyone went out and saw how destroyed the kingdom was. There was blood in every corner, and there were dead bodies everywhere, including the king’s body. Both the queen and her daughter cried for days. They were nicknamed “The crying duet” since that time. The kingdom and its people were cursed with discord for the rest of the eternity since then. But there’s still hope, right? One day in the morning, the queen disappeared. The little princess (now with 9 years) ran all over the castle searching for her mother. She didn’t want to lose her too. The kingdom was a complete mess, and she didn’t want to rule it. Since that small war, everyone was crazy. Murderers, thieves… nobody was kind and generous anymore. The princess finally found her mother in the basement, but she was hanged up the ceiling…with a rope. There was blood all over her body and all over the room. On the wall there was a message, saying “I’M SORRY” and another one on the other wall: “HOPE”. The kid was shocked: how could her mother do that? Why did she do it? No one could help her… All she did was take her mother’s crown and rule the kingdom. Soon, the people knew about the queen’s death, but they didn’t care. 10 years later nothing changed. All the residents were even worse. The people made fires, burned houses… etc. The new queen couldn’t do anything, but all the nights she prayed to the moon for hope. In another town, there was a boy called Bob. He had dark black hair and dark eyes. He didn’t like his town either because it was very violent. He was searching for someone that could understand him and someone to share moments with, so he moved to the kingdom where the queen “ruled”. Bob was exploring the place when he realized it was as bad as the other one. He saw all the crimes that were taking place around him. He just sighted and kept on with his walking. Soon, Bob ended in front of the castle’s gates. One of them was open…that was strange. Bob decided to peek in to see if there was someone, but no one was there. He had a lot of curiosity, so he decided to come in. What he didn’t expect is that upstairs there was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. He didn’t believe how beautiful she was, and he instantly fell in love with the queen. The queen was sitting next to the window. Then she saw Bob standing outside the room; and, scared, they started talking. Soon, they were getting along and discovered that they had the same theories and thoughts. With time, they started being friends, then best friends, and finally boyfriend and girlfriend. Every day they were sharing ideas and stories. The queen thought she knew everything about Bob, but what she didn’t know is that he has a secret. At night he was a psychopath, and he liked to murder kids, adults and elders. Once his victim is dead, he takes his organs out to make sure they’re completely dead. A month later, the queen decided to go for a walk at night. She knew it was dangerous, but the kingdom was very beautiful at night, even though it was more beautiful when she was little. She was walking through the streets when she heard a scream. She gasped and tried to see where it came from. It came from a small and abandoned pub. The windows were broken, so she saw what was happening in there. She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing: Bob, dressed with dark clothes, was killing a person! She saw how he took his organs out. Bob realized his girlfriend was watching him. He tried to explain it, but the queen insulted him, told him she breaks up with him and ran away, crying. Bob’s heart was broken, he started crying too. His sadness and depression immediately turned into rage and anger. He picked up a knife and ran up to her. The queen was now in her castle, close to a statue. Bob yelled while he was running and tried to stab her. He did, but his ex-girlfriend picked up a sharp rock and stabbed him too. Nowadays, the "kingdom" is still cursed. The queen’s spirit is trapped in the statue hoping for this world to be a better place. Under the statue, there are plants and flowers that grew with the queen’s hopes. There is a school where the castle was; and on the fourth or fifth floor, Bob’s spirit is trapped in a room where the blind had 3 red stripes. If you listen closely, you can hear his sad voice. Bob is now known as Bob-in-dark. THE END"
Larry finished his story. “Well…That was deep. And creepy” Amelia said. “It’s my turn—AAAAH!!” she screamed. She looked like if she has seen a ghost. We turned around and saw... “BOB IN DARK!!!!” we all said.

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