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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, November 28th, people in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving. It's a huge holiday for them so why don't we learn a bit about this celebration? Watch the following videos to find out more.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remember, remember the Fifth of November

Today, November 5th, people in England are celebrating The Bonfire Night. Do you know what The Bonfire Night is? Do yo know who Guy Fawkes was? Watch these two videos to learn about the history and origins of this celebration and to find out what people in England do to celebrate this special day.

And the winners are...

1º ESO A: Carlos Saralegui Esteve

I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out, “Trick or Treat!” A man opened the door. He had black eyes, black clothes, he was all in black. He looked like Dracula .He shouted 'get out of my side'. I felt very angry. I threw a stone to a window and I broke it. Then, the man opened the door and caught me. I started to shout and he kicked and bit me. In this moment everything changed. I started to suffer and I was full of pain.I forgot the next moment, but all days at night I feel hungry, and I need human blood. It was something strange but it seems so real now...

1º ESO B: Arancha López Moneo

I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out, “Trick or Treat!” When I opened the door I saw that she was my friend Ana, she was coming to look for me to enjoy of the night of Halloween. The fog was everywhere, it was almost impossible to see the people who had disguised themselves as zombies and witches. When I went out of the house I had a strange sensation, that made me feel shivers on my whole body. When we reached the place there were many people dressed up and all the same. All were zombies! After a few minutes I realized they were all going to the same place, the cemetery. "Ahhh!" , I shouted when I saw a zombie going through my hand and I saw that he was not a neighbour disguised as zombie, but it was a real zombie. I could not believe it, so I went to see another zombie on my side to see if it was a real zombie, and yes it was one more ... Trembling with fear, I went out running of the square, though with the disguise it could not run very fast, a zombie who was behind a bank grabbed me by the arm. "Help!", I shouted with the hope that some of my neighbours could hear me and help. Meanwhile, the zombie was taking me towards the cemetery... but suddenly, I listened to a "Ring, Ring, Ringggg" trick or treat. Everything had been a dream, I had slept on the armchair while it was waiting for my friend to go out and enjoy the night of HALLOWEEN.

1ºESO C: Jorge Nieva García

I stepped up to the door, rang the doorbell, and called out, “Trick or Treat!” An old woman opened the door and gave us a lot of candy! We were so excited about that and then we saw something really weird behind her. We could not believe what we were seeing. It was a ghost! We got really scared and we ran away. When we were far from the house, we stopped and talked about what we had seen. Everybody agreed that it was real and we decided to come back to the house to check again. When we got to the house, the door opened by itself, and the ghost invited us to come in. We did not know what to do but we finally entered. We were very scared because we did not know what was inside the house. We went to a dark room with no lights. We could not see anything and this scared us more. Suddenly, someone turned on the lights and we saw everything. It was a Halloween party! Our friends were the ones who made it because they wanted to scare us! It was scary at the beginning because we did not know anything about it but we had a good time! I will never forget this Halloween!

2º ESO A: Eric Lancina Martínez

It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and I saw something moving behind a bush. It was a person wearing a Dracula costume. He was very well disguised so I could´t see his face. At ten o´clock I went to sleep. At midnight I got up startled because of a noise downstairs. That night I was alone. I went downstairs and I saw the Dracula costume I returned to my bedroom. I wasn´t frightened. I thought it was my father trying to scare me but when I listened to someone going upstairs saying my name I got really scared. I closed the door with the key and I went near the window. 
Dracula went room by room and he arrived to mine. He started knocking, I went out the bedroom through the window but in that moment Dracula opened the door. I didn´t know what to do. I started to run and I hid in an alley. When I thought I was safe I saw him again very close.
I got up of that nightmare. I got the feeling that it wasn´t a dream. When I went to the bathroom I saw a message written on the mirror: "The dream you had this night will happen". I didn´t give importance but at night my parents went to a party and the story happened.
The following day my parents didn´t see me and they were very scared. They have never seen me again...

2º ESO B: Pablo García de los Ríos

It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and I saw a shadow, it was the profile of a little girl. First, I thought that she was the neighbour's daughter but she disappeared in the darkness of the path. Then I went to bed worried. At midnight I listened to a strange noise like a cry, a terrible cry. I got up scared. Quickly I looked out the front window again and I saw the same bloody girl. I went out of my house running, but the girl stopped in the path looking to my house but now she said "help me". Then I went to my grandfather's house and I asked my grandfather about the girl. He didn't say anything. I repeated the question and then he said "sit here", and he told me about the story of a girl who died in a tragic accident on the 31st of October at night when she was celebrating Halloween. For this reason the girl returns to her house every 31st of October at night. Then my grandfather looked into my eyes and he said "I have to tell you a secret, your house was her house"...

2º ESO C: Natalia Möller Díez

It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and I saw a shadow running away. I thought it was a friend of mine. But when I looked at all my friends at home, I saw that all of them were there. I ran behind the shadow and when I was near it , I noticed it was a very little shadow. I tried to catch the shadow and suddenly it jumped on me. It started to lick me and I noticed it was my dog. He ran away with a sheet, because he also wanted to participate on Halloween.

1º BACH A: Pilar Sáenz Camón

I was absent the day of our Halloween party. When I got to school the next day, I noticed that my classroom looked very different… Nobody was there, everything was destroyed… windows, chairs and tables, and I saw a lot of stains of blood.In that moment, the only thing that I was thinking about was going out. I was feeling weird; I ran to the door but it hit me on the face doing an annoying chirp. I tried to open it but when I did it, I felt a troubled breathing next to me. I shouted a lot, the cold was on me and I thought that I was going to have a heart attack!!!
I turned around and rubbed my eyes. I couldn't believe it!! The class was normal!!
I said : “it is only a little lapse, you are so sleepy today!"... haha! what could happen in this class?? The most important thing is to die of boredom.. no more..
My classmates and friends came to the class and the morning was like a normal day. Two hours later I went to the bathroom and I saw on the wall: "help me"
I only laughed and said :"This is part of the Halloween decoration" and I returned to the class. The bell rang and I went out for the break. When I opened the door all of my friends had disappeared. I was worried because the day was not normal.
I went to the café,  it was near the school so I tried to drink a relaxing cup of coffee, but when I got there, no one paid attention to me. I went out and I said "you are rude people, because you don´t listen to the clients" that was happening to me all the time and with all the people that I wanted to talk to. I started to cry and I ran and ran.
When I was quieter, I saw my parents at the snack bar. I found them drinking coffee and very sad, then I approached to talk to them but they didn't pay attention to me and they left… Something really weird was happening, so I decided to follow them ….
We went to a cemetery and my parents sat down near a tomb . I saw the headstone and I couldn't believe it... the name that was there… IT WAS MY NAME AND TODAY´S DATE!!! WAS IT A JOKE?? Regrettably.. NO..
10 years had passed since I opened the class door and I never went out alive, and this happened to all of my classmates and friends.They died on Halloween. 
Since that day , our spirits only live in the class we are not able to go out any more. Nobody knows what happened that day in class but a lot of people tell our story on Halloween in different ways and ends.
I hope that one day the people can discover the truth but,  for now, it is a mystery...

1º BACH B: Carmen Crespo Darriba

Everything was weird,nobody was there,even though I was 5 minutes late. But the strangest thing of all was that the furniture and all the class stuff, all the tables, the chairs, the basket, everything wasn´t on the floor, they were completely glued on the top of the classroom. 
I was extremely shocked, I had to tell someone. So I ran to the closest classroom, which was 2A, but when I opened the door and I looked around the classroom, I saw that everything was as weird as in mine. All the classroom stuff was on the top. And while I was trying to find a logical explanation for everything, the roof started to open and some arms, legs, heads and bodies fell over me! Quickly I realized they were from zombies.
I was really startled and I started to get extremely worried.
I needed someone to help me. I screamed, but no one came. So I went out but everything looked normal.There were people walking and driving like always. Thus, I spoke to an old man who was walking. At first, he thought I was completely insane. But I could convince him to come with me to my classroom.
When we arrived, there weren´t any tables glued to the top or any arms falling down, everything was as normal as usual.
The old man got very annoyed with me and I realized that there weren´t any zombies. The only zombie who was there was me. That´s what Mondays do!

Honorary winner: Jose Alberto Monje del Prado (Joseto, our music teacher in primary school)

It was Halloween night. I looked out the front window at my house and saw a light. It was an instant, but I have the following memory - the sound of my body crashing against something. The rest are just some images in my brain.

The worst was yet to come. When I woke up, I was in an empty room of a hospital. I was surprised, because there were some witted flowers in a vase on my desk, and I knew that nobody entered there for a long time.

I got up slowly. My whole body hurt, especially the legs. I left my room and saw that in the hallway there was nobody. I called the elevator, but the buttons didn´t work. I went down the stairs. When I arrived at the hospital reception, everything was destroyed, there were many papers on the ground... and I was horrified because there were traces of blood.

I began to look for some clothing in the hospital closets. When I got dressed, I left the hospital. The city was very rare. The cars were not running around, even some of them were abandoned. I decided to walk toward my house, but on the way I began to hear a strange noise. When I looked back, I saw a “flock” of zombies behind me. They were trying to catch me.

I started running, but I fell to the ground. My body still hurt me a lot. One of the zombies rushed towards me. As I could, with my left hand I held its head while, with the other hand, I was looking for something to hit him with. Finally, I found a stone and I hit its head. Some of its blood spilled on me. I was standing, and suffering the pain, I tried to walk as fast as I could, sometimes running, sometimes walking.

When I was arriving at my house, I saw all the doors and windows closed with pieces of wood. There was blood on the wall saying “GO BACK!” and some dead bodies in the garden. I could not stand up any more and I fell on my knees to the ground and I began to cry.

Suddenly someone or something grabbed my neck. I felt a great bite on my neck. Then I screamed closing my eyes. But when I opened them, I was again in the hospital room. The flowers on my desk were not blighted, and there was someone next to me who told me:

"Quiet, honey, you've had a nightmare".