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Monday, April 25, 2011

London WebQuest for 2º ESO

Hello there!

Yeah, yeah, I know... we don't start school again until tomorrow... but I have some time now... so here you (2º ESO) have your project for this term. You are going to make a WebQuest!

And you will wonder... what is that?? Well, it's like a treasure hunt on the Internet, where you have to find the information that you are asked to in order to achieve a goal. You will find all the information that you need in order to complete this activity in the document below these lines.. You just have to download it from SlideShare.  As you will read, the final purpose of the whole thing is to do a presentation in class. And... who knows? Maybe we can post some of your presentations here!

Oh, I forgot... DEADLINE: June 6th. You have an entire month to do a great job! And, of course, to have fun doing it!!

C u 2morrow!


  1. Teacher Ana and I think that u're just crazy AND mean...

  2. mmmmm... you know I'm neither that crazy nor that mean... xD

  3. that's such a questionable thing xD anyway u know we'll end up doing some HOT-UGLY-HOT-UGLY thing... we're doing groups?

  4. hahaha! Hot! Ugly! Hot! I couldn't stop laughing... it's in pairs, u have everything in the doc.

  5. haven't read the doc xD k, thanks... u know a pair already xD