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Friday, April 29, 2011

FCE Exam (May 8th)

My 3 dear students taking the FCE next May 8th:

Here you have the links we've been talking about this morning. The first one is the speaking test that we've been practising and the other link is the one with the Reading and Use of English practice.

U're doing just great. Seriously, do it that way the day of the exam and u'll have no problems passing it.

KET and PET students: I have not forgotten about you... we will start practising again soon... u're not getting rid of me that easily...

Have a good loooooooong weekend (well, not really that long.... :P) 



  1. Hey Noelia!! It's Mar!! Thank you very much!!^^

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  3. Hi there! It´s Julia! Thank you VEEEERY much for the help you gave us for the FCE exam........enjoy the chocolate! =)

  4. Juliaa!! I would have liked to help u much more.. but only 24 hrs in a day.. :P. I'm sure it went perfectly fine. Thank u sooo much for the chocolate! You 3 are so nice!! Thanks!!