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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Expectations (Bachillerato)

This is your first task for this year. You have to write about your expectations for the new school year. Can't think of anything? Try to write about what you expect or what you would like to do this year at the school, about how you expect the lessons of the different subjects to be like (especially English!!), about the end-of-year school trip, about the musical... Need something else? Then think!

You should write 80-100 words and you have to do it here on the blog by posting a comment below this post.

Deadline: Friday, September 19

Don't forget to write your name and class!!


  1. Hi, Noelia!

    'My expectations for this year...

    My expectations are a lot of things. First, I want to get high marks in all my subjects. Also, I would like to participate in the musical and to have a really nice trip to England because it's a country that I've always wanted to visit and now, more, because I'll go with my friends of the school and I haven't got any doubts about that school trip will be the most wonderful experience of my life. And, for the English class, I want to improve my English knowledge as much as I can and enjoy with it!

    Esther Moreno - 1 B. :)

  2. This year I'm really excited with the end-of-year school trip and with the musical and I hope I will reach soon this part of the year but previously I have to study a lot because the first of Bachillerato isn't easy. I want to improve my marks but I know I have to work all days still enough .And about the subject of English I want to improve my grammar and my speaking and I want to pass the First exam so that’s better if I enjoy doing it. Today I was knackered but I hope I'll be full of energy from tomorrow.

    Alberto Guzmán 1ºB

  3. My expectations for this year: I have lot of expectations for this year but the most important are get good marks in my subjects for get high average mark but still I'm very lazy and I wake up soon, work in the floodlight in the musical, wait the end of year school trip for meet and see England and learn more things in the new subjects.
    For the english subject I will try improve my grammar and especially my vocabulary and speak english easily.

    Marco Alonso 1ºB

  4. Probably my expectations for this year are have a high marks in everything but what I really want is learn a lot of interesting things about my favourites subjects because I'm studying what I really like, also I would like to make new friends and enjoy the musical. I'm looking forward to the end-of-year school trip because I,ve never been in London and less with my friends so I think is going to be a good year in all the aspects.
    About english I would like to improve at everything but especially I want speak english with any difficulty.

  5. Hi Noelia.
    My expectation for this year are really important for me.
    They´re about different topics; about my studies, but too about myself.
    I´ve been taking always good results at school, but this year i want to get better, because it´s something I think very important. We´re starting a really decisive stage; I can´t do like other years if I want to achieve my goals.
    About myself i think this year are going to be positive for my. The England´s travel, the Musical, will me motivate. I want to be a responsable girl and be proud about my actions, and my parents´re proud too.
    Indeed I hope that my expectations come true.
    Greetings, María de la Fuente. 1ºBach A.

  6. My expectations for this year are very important for me. For example, I want to get high mark and learn more in all my subject, then I want to improve my level of english and my level of math. In the other hand, I'm so nervios cause the musical, I wait a long time to do it and now I can't believe it that I'm going to do this year!

    Then I think that the end-of-year trip is going to be AWESOME! And I hope to have a lot of fun with my friends in this trip.

    Then I know that this year is more difficult than the others before, so we have to study a lot and get focus everyday.

    I hope that i'm going to have a very good year!

    By Claudia Lozano 1ºBach B

  7. My expectations for this year is to learn news and interesting things but I know that I´ll have to study a lot because I have news subjects that I didn´t study another years,I really want to start to study all this news subjects.
    For my english class I hope to learn a lot of things that I don´t know yet and to improve my grammar and pronunciation.
    This year we´ll do the musical at school I really want to do it,I thing it´ll be very fun because I´ll do it with all my friends.I want to do the school trip because I enjoy visiting another cities.
    I hope to enjoy a lot this year,doing new friends, the musical and the trip.
    Sandra Cáceres 1º Bach. A

  8. My expectations for this new school year are very different:
    I would like to make good friends in this new school.
    About the musical, I want to have a goodtime preparing it.
    And everybody told us that this year is not going to be easy so I know that I have to work hard, but as a reward for all that effort I hope to go to the end-of-year school trip and enjoy it as much as possible.
    Finally, for your subject, I want to improve my vocabulary and to express myself freely.
    Almudena Zaratiegui 1º Bach. B

  9. Hello Noelia!
    My expectation for this year are very important for me.This year is more important that last year.I have to pass all subjects and learn more things about this subjects.Also,this year is Funny,for the musical and the trip.I hope to know new people and enjoy with my friends.About english class,I hope improve.For me,english is very difficult.I hope that everything sí good this year.
    Alba Parra Lorenzo. 1ºBach"A"

  10. Good evening Noelia!!(:
    My expectations for the english subject are very high this year. I hope to improve my listening and conversation english level. Also to learn useful expression according with highest level.

    Respect to the new course, I would like studying with a new method. To learn new things in a different way, I mean to have a opinión about the subjects i´m studying.

    An other important point is to have very good marks, wich i can choose he degree that i want to do. In my case, the option is Medicine, and i now that the average to enter is very high, so i have to study very hard.


  11. Hi Noelia :D
    My expectations for this year are very complicated but it's not impossible. I must to get a high mark because I don't decide that I want study, so it's important a high mark if i want to change in the last second. One of my options is the Fincance's World, or criminalistic and forense, two thing very different. My expectations for your subject are improve my English, and especially my reading and have a good mark. Also this years will be amazing beacuse the musical, and the trip because England is an interesting country ... We love English (:

    Jose Fernando Duque Ramirez. 1ºBACH B

  12. Hi, Noelia!
    My expectations for this year…
    Ok, I think that my expectations for this year can be like someone that comment in this post, but I want to get very good marks on this year,because 2º Bachillerato isn´t easy. I want to take advantage of this year because this year we have the musical.
    I want to enjoy in the musical, sincerely I don’t believe yet. Of course I trust to pass this school year. I will want to enjoy in London and see the most of places that I can see. And finally my expectations for the English class…I don´t know, I want to enjoy and improve my pronunciation because I don´t think that it is good, so if I want every things I need to study very hard.

    Cristina Duarte 1ºBACH B

  13. Good evening, Noelia.

    I think that in English subject I expect to improve so many things that it's going to be difficult, but not impossible if I work hard. One of the things I want to improve more is the conversation, which is the hardest part for me, but I hope the trip to London will help me with that.
    I’ve always have good marks at school but I know this year is going to be more difficult. Despite of that, I’ll try my best to have great marks cause I know next year is going to be even harder.

    Belén Valdivieso García, 1º Bach A

  14. Hi,Noelia!

    I have got many expectations for this year,the most important is take very good marks;the best of my life,also I would like to participate in the musical,as experience and learn;and the last expectation,I would like to travel London in June.
    My expectations for the english classes are:I hope to learn English this year,because I think that is very important when we wanted travel other places around the world.I would like too,to learn a lot of words and speak English very well.

    Laura Espín Chamorro,1º Bach B.

  15. Hi Noelia
    I' m very excited and nervous at the same time whit this year. I have many expectations about this year and I hope of these expectations are met. This year everyone we have get the best qualification in all subjects for get our goals in the future, we are to working very hard for our musical and the first travel whit my friends at the end of the third quarter of the school to London. Also, I want improve in physics and english because this subjects are the most difficult for me and so overcome myself. Ana Frias Gil 1° B

    1. Ni Noelia

      My expectations for this year aren't different todo other years. The most important for me is a note, i will work this year for the university, i to sense the new subjects, ( for example: filosofía), is very complicate. Teachers spoke the first day to selectividad, university, 2° bachillerato and i will work this year for to prepare and i will win all problems of teachers but my problem is a handball because i plays handballs and i go to tome i like dream and this a problem flor study

      Pedro Moncayola 1B

  16. Hi Noelia.
    My expectations for this year aren't very different of those of my companions.
    I will work hard for pass all subjects with the best note though, I hate the sciences.
    I'm nervous for the musical of this year, but I know that we will do great musical and we will have an unforgettable trip.
    The best for me would be end the course knowing that I want do in the future, but it is very difficult.
    I’ll try improve in english in listening and reading, I promise.
    I just hope I never have problems with clothes this year hahahaha.
    Valeria Medina Insua 1º B.

  17. Hi Noelia!
    My expectations for this year are very important for me.
    I'm very nervous and oppress because I want get this year but it's more difficult, but not more that second.
    I've always have bad marks in this subject but I going strain speaking very more, in english obvious, and practice grammar to I've get good marks.
    In the others subject also I want improve to have good marks.
    Also I'm nervous by musical but the same time excited because I want to star now.

    Ruth López Morales, 1º Bach A.

  18. Hello Noelia!
    Well, I have great expectations for this year . I could be original and tell you that I want to get good grades and learn many new things. But I believe you already know that.
    If I'm honest I'd just like to enjoy myself and have a lovely year and I think the musical will make the difference.
    However I'll work very hard, don't worry about it. 
    About the English lessons I would like to improve my grammar in particular and my English language skills in general.
    This is pretty much all I wanted to tell you.
    María Herrero Guillén. 1B

  19. Hi Noelia,
    My main expectation is have a great note in all the asignatures because the notes are very important this year and I want to have the best possible mark.
    I hope in this year I´ll know which career I´m going to do in my future, I think it will be economy but I´m not sure.
    Another expectation that I have is that I want to do the best musical that the school have ever done with the help of my new classmates and my new school friends.
    After that, I hope to have a nice trip to England and have a great time there.
    About my expectations in English, I want to improve my speaking because I want have a conversation without any problem.
    I hope that my expectations for this year come true and I must work hard these expectations.

    Samuel García Sánchez 1º A

  20. You're doing it great guys!! Come on, two more days to go!!

  21. Hi Noelia.
    My expectations for this new year in the school, I´d like to achieve the best califications because my future will depend of them. As far as the English subject is concerned I´d like to talk to my friends in English, and when we will go to London I could talk to with the English people and I could understand the foreign language. I´d like to understand my favourite English songs when I listen to them.
    In the musical for this year, I hope to participate and to be an important character.

    Javier Abad Lafuente 1ºA

  22. Hi Noelia.

    My expectations for this year are very important for me, because my future depends on it; for that this year I need to study more and have better grades than last year.
    I think this year will be awesome because we are going to do the musical, and it will be great!.
    And of course we have the end studies travel, we are going to travel to London, a huge city with a lot of places to visit.
    I think this year will be fantasic but very hard.

    Irene Bañón Gonzalez
    1º Bachillerato B

  23. My expectations for this year are basically get a really good mark in all subjects because I know in 2nd it will be really difficult so I need to improve my marks now, I also want to get an awesome end-of-year trip I think it will be really instructive and a memorable experience.
    In English subject I would like to end being able to speak and understand without problems and besides having a good preparation for what awaits me.
    Javier Sánchez 1º A

  24. Hello Noelia!
    My expectations for this year are very exciting,especially in English, as you already know I´d like to be a sport reporter or sport journalist and for that career,english is very important and I like to have very good results,also I would like to take advantage this school year because the next will be more dificult than this. I want to continue learning english because at the end of the course, we will travel to London and I want to speak english much better and understand english more easy.

    See you in class!

    Jaime Vecina Montesinos 1º A

  25. Hi teacher!
    This year I´m very happy and nervous because is my first year in this school. Also this is my first year in bachillerato. My expectations for this year are study really hard because this year is important for my future and make a lot of friends. During the english class I hope improve my level and learn having fun at the same time. I like the classes where all the people can participate and I don’t like the theory and boring clases. I prefer study viewing movies and talk on a topic than practice whit exercises but this is very important to learn english.

  26. Hi Noelia.
    This is my first year in this school so my expectations are make new friends and meet new people.
    Apart from that my expectations for this year are difficult, because i don´t know yet which degree i would like to do, so i’m going to try to get the best marks i can to choose at the end of the year without have any obstacle.
    My expectations about english subjects are easy, this year i’m going to improve my speaking. I’m shameful so it’s difficult for me speaking but i hope this ends this year. I also hope we have a nice time making the musical, and in the England trip we learn a lot of english and spend a nice time.
    That’s all.
    Sofía Manso Sánchez. 1ºA.

  27. Hi Noelia!
    my expectations for this year are take very good marks because in the future I want to be a lawyer and I will needed a good mark for this; and enjoy this year with my friends (also, this is very important).
    About english, I want to learn more, because I will needed this for my future.
    Also I´m very excited for the musical because it´s a great experience and I´m very happy because I will travel to England with my friends.
    Victoria Ramos 1ºA :)

  28. Hi Noelia!
    This year, I´m new in this school so I´m very nervous but very happy too.
    For this new course, I hope meet new friends, obtein good marks in oll the subject, because obtein a good marks this year is very important for our future.
    About english subjet, I hope have a good nivel of this lenguage and learn a lot of things for tolk in the England trip.
    This year is the musical of school, and I think it will be very funny and exciting.
    In conclusion, I hope have a good, funny and happy year.
    María Gónzalez López. 1ºA.

  29. Hi Noelia:
    I hope this year is ``my year´´. I am going to be a main caracter in the musical play , I am going to travel to England , I am going to get good califications so I am studying a lot. Well.. it´s a joke¡.

    Now seriously my expectations for this year are high because I want to make many things and I know this year is very important for me and for my future.
    About English subject I want to learn new words and improve my speaking ,writing, reading. I need to improve everuthing.
    I think if I try this year will be a good year.
    Sonia Gómez 1ºA

  30. Hi Noelia!
    My expectation for this year are so simple but really important to me.
    First, I want to get good marks but I know that this is difficult. Also, I know that get good marks are so important to my future.
    Then, I'm in a new school and I would like make a very good friends.
    This year, I want to participate in the musical and I hope that we have a goodtimes preparing it.
    Finally, for the english class I would like improve everything because I want speak english very well.
    Ángela Pérez. 1ºB

  31. Hi.
    My expetations for this year are great, because this is a very important year for my future. I want to get a degree and to develop a career, but if I want to get that in the future, I´ll have to work harder this year. I have to take advantage of this course to get good marks. I am very excited to try to do this in a new school. I hope that this course will be very exciting for me. All of this is new and I hope that all the things that we´re going to do, that is, the trips, the musical, the new friends, the classes and the marks will be amazing. In resume, all my expectations for this year are to have fun and study hard.

    Lidia Sánchez, 1ºA

  32. Hello Noelia! :)
    My expectations for this year are to achive high marks in all the subjects (dreaming is free of charge) and also have a great school year with my schoolmates and friends, as well as having a good time preparing the musical.
    Besides, I'm also excited about the end-of-year school trip to England, where we can improve our speaking and listening.
    Relating to the english class, I would like to know some different anglophones accents and furthermore, I would like to speak english fluently and understand it well.

    Irene González 1ºB

  33. hi
    Im really excited to begin this new course. however, i know its going to be tough, therefore we will have to work harder every day. Getting good grades is vital for our future career, so i would like to get the highest results as possible.
    In addition, i would like to establish a great relationship both with students and teachers to facilitate work.
    Last but not least, improving my English for my own satisfaction and for my future career is one of my main objetives for this year. Maria Mateos 1º B

  34. Hi Noelia!
    I think that this year will be better than the last. My results, my exams and my work (in the class or in my home). I have to study a lot because the others years were bad and now the results of my exams are to my future and my studies (my degree). I hope that the english class going to be more productive, in grammar, in listening or in speaking for learn more english to my future. The english class will be very fun (only to learn), i hope.
    María Crisol. 1°A

  35. Hi Noelia, I am ALEJANDRO TAJAHUERCE VAZQUEZ, would like to talk my expectations for this course, I would like to learn enough English for my future, because it makes me much needed, but it really is not my strong point, I will try to do my best, respect to other subjects, I would like to get the best possible media in order to have a good average degree. I really want to get to the end of the course, and enjoy the journey Prom, learning English and knowing new places with my friends.

  36. Hello Noelia.
    My expectations for this year are approve all and also get a good grade. This year is so difficult but I study so much.I would to learn more English because this language is very important for the future. I would getting good grades in the more important subject.
    The subject more difficult for me are history,maths and language bit I hard study and I try pass this subject.
    I hope to get very high notes.
    Bye,thank you!!
    Claudia de Dueñas 1°A

  37. Hi Noelia!
    I´m very happy to make this year the musical and travel in June to UK with my friends and learn better the lenguage, especially the pronuntation.
    In this grade, I want to get a very good mark, because I don´t know that I want to study in the future. In the last grade I was studying science and I don´t get good mark, I expect that to change
    I think learning english is very important for the future. I hope to learn and get good mark in english
    Andrea Mª Alegría 1º A

  38. hello noelia

    this course,I would like it speak inglish more free, I remember in 2 of E.S.O when I end the course, and could speak inglish, no perfect but the polas understood me, I dont try to do miracles and in one month speak very well inglish, but when course finish, Could go away another year to the jmj, I scare the truth the subject because for me, is very complex

    It is not necessary that you read it but if that you see that I have done


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