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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your expectations (activity for 1º Bachillerato)

Dear 1º Bachillerato students,

Your first task for this year is to write about your expectations for the new school year. Can't think of anything? Try to write about what you expect or what you would like to do this year at the school, about how you expect the lessons of the different subjects to be like (especially English!!), about the end-of-year school trip, about the musical... Need something else? Then think!

You should write 80-100 words and you can do it here on the blog by posting a comment below this post or you can just hand it in to me on a piece of paper in class.

Deadline: Friday, September 20

Don't forget to write your name and class!!


  1. When I was in Summer time, I was thinking about this new year. I think it could be better than the last year because we can do more new activities like the musical or the study trip to London, but we must pay attention during the class, do homework and study more time daily.
    If we want, we can pass this year, but we'll have to work hard.
    We would like to know the musical because there are many expectation and happiness about that.
    Although many things could be changed (to stand up in the breaks, for example) I think this year can be so good.

    Alberto Lozano, 1º Bach. B/ Nº 20 (I think)

  2. I´m Antonio Gimenez 1º of high school "B", Number 16

    I have done a word document and I uploaded to google drive , I put the link down

  3. In this year I would like achieve the best mark in all of my subjects, because this is very important for getting a good career but I don't know which one, I like chemystry so I'd like to do something related to this.
    I'm going to work and try to upgrate my English level and I think I'll do the first certificate this year.I expect the trip to England will be very interesting and a oportunity for knowing the culture and using the language so I hope selling a lot of sweets and lotery.
    Also I'm going to continue studying German because now one of the most important thing is speaking languages

    Pablo Gracia, 1ºBach B, Nº17

  4. Hey there.

    I have been thinking about this for quite a long time now and, as I have to say something, I’ll go with: what I want this year is to learn as much as I can from the different subjects that we are studying and get great results, as simple as that might sound. I expect this year to be stressful, a little less than second of bachiller will be though. I know that we are supposed to work hard and I think that we are ready for this new challenge.

    Now that we know which musical we will be playing, I don’t know how or why, but I truly believe that we’ll do a great job. That and the school trip I think will be pretty fun, contrasting with so much studying during the year. It’s a ‘work hard and you’ll have your reward’ thing.

    Pilar Fernández Seriñán, 1º Bach. B, nº 13 (not sure I’m that number).

  5. Hi Noelia.

    My great expectation for this year is not suspend any subject and have good notes, but that is the great expectation for all...
    I think this year is going to be hard and we teachers have told us but I think we can with it. (I hope...)

    It's strange don´t see friends who were in school and now they aren´t here, is a big change but we can´t be together forever...

    This year we are all very happy with the musical.The musical is great and we want to start NOW but don´t forget that we have to study.We also have the school trip and this if it´s going to be great.
    So...to study and enjoy the musical.In English I´m sure it´s better than last year. (Or not ...who knows ... jajaj)

    I hope everything goes well this year.I hope, really I hope...

    Beatriz Espada Ramos,1º Bach. B, nº 10.


    Hopefully this year is going to be different , I am on my way to learn that even I have more freedom, my responsibilities are increasing over last year…

    I want to do a lot of things but the time is too short and running out too fast.

    One of my main objectives is to improve my English because a lot of doors could be open for me if I turn myself in a proficient speaker , so I´ll use the time that we have with the Assistant English Teacher and the English Classes to learn more .

    I have to study more and harder ,it is very important to my future , I want to learn economics and improve my maths.
    This year will be amazing ……I am very very nervous !!!! wish me luck !!!! :)))

    Pilar Sáenz Camón, 1ºBach. A ,nº21.

  7. Hello Noelia.

    This year, I have many expectations but I'm not secure than my expectations will come true... I´m a big pessimist. I hope that this year will be one of the best years in the school, because we will do a great musical and we will have a travel to other country. Apart of this two things, I can't forget the studies. I must study very much, because will come a very hard year... I can't relax.

    Other expectation than I want do this year is be better in determined subjects because the last year I was in science and this year not... I need work hard because I need higher average rating to do the university career that I want... I WILL DIE !!!!

    To finish, I hope not stress so much. I'm a person very nervous.

    Álvaro Hervás Saucedo. 1ºBACH A. Nº10

  8. My expectations for this year are very simples:

    I hope to get good marks this year because I need it for the PAU exam. I also want to do a spectacular musical with my friends and I hope to earn a lot of money for the study trip.

    This year, I want to learn a lot of new things too, because in the ESO we learn many concepts but lately we learn the same concepts and I hope discover new fantastic things. I know it, we don’t enjoy all the new things that we learn. It doesn’t matter, I’m sure there are a lot of other things that we will like.

    Nacho Escrig Larena. 1º Bach B. Nº 9

  9. My expectations!

    In this year, I will try to get the best possible marks, I would also like to meet more people. I will do my best to start the university studies I like, that is
    Computer Engineering. Also I would like to learn much English, so I can speak fluently, and as an objective, get the "first certificated", of Cambridge.
    I hope to have a good time this course and learn a lot.
    I am mostly interested in English, Maths, and Physics, which are the moust important subjects for Computer Engineering.

    Fernando Macho 1º Bachiller "B" Nº 21

  10. Hi Noelia:
    We start again the routine for this year and I have many expectations. Even it is hard to get up early and spend 6 hours in the class one of my expectations is to be happy everyday because it is easier to work hard when you feel cheerful than when you feel sad. Also I would like to keep my marks high because they are very important for our future, above all I would like to improve my English getting a First´s level at the end of the year because I want to pass that Cambridge exam but that is so difficult.
    I´m really excited with the musical thing. The music, the history and the characters are just amazing. If I don´t get the character which I would like to play, It will be an unforgettable experience and I think we will have fun during the rehearsals and the performances.
    Also this year we have an incredible chance because we have the possibility of going to Great Britain with all our friends, that´s awesome! No doubt, it is going to be a fantastic year!
    Estela González Reviriego 1ºA

  11. Hi Noelia:

    This weekend I was thinking about my new student year. First thing that appear in my mind was the fact that I´m in a new school and I don´t know anyone at the beginning, but this idea desappear some minutes later.

    My expectations in this year are so simple. My first objective is to get the best marks I can, because this year I need the best, being the "easy" year of bachillerato. Secondly, I would meet new friends that I think will be very good people with me. Also, I´m so excited because of the musical. I think is an excellent idea to get money to the study trip and to know better the people around you. I think it will be a perfect year and I hope my marks will be amazing to do the university studies that I want.

    Alex Fernández Carvajal, 1º Bachiller "B" Nº11

  12. Hello Noelia.
    I`m going to tell you what my expectations are for this new course.
    I´m beginning 1º Bachillerato. I think that this course is very difficult but I think learn and study much and I hope get very good marks during course with help of my teacher´s because I need them to get study at university because In the future I want be veterinary.
    In this future I also would like participate in the Musical “ We will rock you” and I want go to Londres with my friends and my teacher´s. I think that it`s will be funny.
    Of course I hope to get all.


  13. Hello Noelia!

    My great expectations for this year are the travel to the other country is very special for me because in this travel we can share together new experiences! This year we have a musical, it´s very amazing and is very funny, but don´t forget the students because is more important tha the other things,this year i have new subjects some difficult,some like economy but i can do and i pass this year! jeje, this year and the next year are very important for the unniversity and i want study bussines administration and lenguages,for this year i want improve the subject of english because is very important for me and my fguture because i want study the university in the other country where speak english!

    Hopefully all goes well this year!

    Manuela Gonzalez Prada 1º Bachillerato A Nº 7

  14. In this year I would like that english lessons will be different, with more speaking and less writing, also I would like go down to the language classroom and see the original version movies, do activities, etc...
    With referent to 1º Bachillerato, I know that I have to study much more, although I think don't go to the university, I have other idea in mind. I really want to study to be police.
    Thinking in the trip to London, I have very interest in British museum visit, because I likes the collection mummies.
    Álvaro Urdiales 1ºBachillerato A / nº26

  15. My expectation to this year are getting better in the subjets that give me worse and get more information in the subjets give me better, in this way I will can to know the career I will choice.
    In the travel to London I spect to know different people, have a good time with my friends and perfect my english also I want to visit the London tower and Sherlock holmes museum because I love the mystery histories.
    I wish to learn more conversation in english because I think english lenguage is necessary in the future when you will have a job.
    Almudena Franco del Río 1ºBach.B/nº14

  16. My expectation for this year are easy if I work hard this year.One of this expectations is try to have my best marks during this two years of bachillerato.If I studied a lot ,I would get this.
    In English my expectations are improve my speaking,my reading and in special my newsrooms.Maybe I would like to learn grammar more
    This year could be a great year,because we have our expected musical and our final trip.I wait with emotion the final of the course to live all this kinds of things.
    Beatriz Nájar Marcos 1 bach.B/numero 22

  17. Hi Noelia!
    My expectations for this difficult year are: Obviusly pass all my exams but with the best marks as possible! I know this year is really important, I have to study a lot, do all my homeworks (always) and do volunteers works! So... I would like to do more '' funny ''activities with my collages, because I think this year is so estressing and we can practise some games for relaxing ( The game of the bomb, you know we love it!)
    So, I think this year could be difficult but "active", we are going to do the musical , and the school trip , It's awesome!
    Relationated with English, well , I think we are a nice class so, we have to colaborate in class, pay atention and have a good time speacking english!
    In conclusion, I'm so possitive this year, if I study I know I'll pass all my exams and I'll have a great summer without worries!!

    Marta Moneo Arias 1ºBachillerto "A"

  18. Hi Noelia I'm Pablo from 1bachB and this year I want have good notes and learn more english because my level of english no is very good and to try to behave well because the last year the teachers were scolding me practically all days.. and I want to study more and pass all exams.
    Too we want have a good musical and I want to with friends travel to London for buy clothes and see monuments or museums etc.. Bye!

  19. hello Noelia,
    my expectations for this year are pass all the exams with the best marks and improve my average because last year my marks were too low and if I still having this marks I could not study in the career I wanted to study.
    another thing I have to improve is my behaviour because I am to talkative and my misbehaviour in class brings me problems.
    Also I want to make friends and start as well as possible in this school (even though people in this school is friendly and I think I won´t have any problem)
    If all this expectations are fulfilled I think i will have an awesome and exciting year.
    Raúl Martín- Caro Monaco
    1º bachillerato "A"

  20. I have a lot of expectations for this year. The mark of the PAU depends on a thirty percent of this year, so I want to get good marks because if I don´t get a high mark I won´t do the career I want.

    I think this year must be great because of the musical. I´m a new student this year and I have never taken part in something like that but it can´t be bad.

    At the end of the year we are going to do an end studies travel, we don´t know exactly where are we going to go but I think that probably we will go to London. I think this year is going to be fantastic and I won´t have any problem.

    Raúl Fernández Jerez 1º Bachillerato B nº12

  21. You're all doing it great guys! You still have one more day to do it. Keep going!

  22. Hello! These are my expectations for this year:

    I've been thinking about them for a long time,actually i was pondering about this summer holidays
    so i have a very clear idea, about what i want for this year and i can sum it up in one sentence, "learn as much as i can" so that next year will be easier and like i know myself and im sure i'll have more pressure than ever before,i want to share that pressure between this and next grade.Of course, i need to work hard and to focus on my studies if i wanna achieve that.
    So even tought i'm gonna participate at the musical that we do at school i don't wanna forget my objetive.On the other hand,i wanna get fun too and that's why i'm on it and why i'm going to go to the school trip in London.
    So,in spite of this year will be hard, I'm sure it's going to be great at the same time !

  23. Hi Noelia!
    My expectations for this year are get good marks, because is important for the selectivity and I want to get the note to do that I want to be in the future.
    Maybe I think History can be difficult for me but if I study everyday I hope get good mark in this subject.
    This year will be funny, we will do the musical, we will travel but will be a year very difficult also because we must study a lot and we must focus in class..
    About the subject of English I hope the classes are funny and sometimes you can do some games because we enjoy when we play games!!
    Now I'm nervous, tomorrow I have the ''casting'' of the musical and I don't learn the song...I'm a desaster so I hope to do well tomorrow...wish me luck!

    So... not is a year is THE YEAR!
    We will enjoy it a lot :D

    Laura Gutiérrez Chisvert 1º Bachillerato ''A''

  24. I'm very excited for this new school year as i'm looking to meet again with my old schoolmates.I'm as well happy to meet new peopple and make new friends with them.Above all,i'm very happy to be in Bachiler class and i hope this year will give me a good idea of what studies i want to continue on university.
    This year my expectation about my studies are very high and i wish to have a clearer idea of what my interests are and what majors i shoud be directed.
    During this year a big part of my future will be shaped and i hope to get good grades,so i will be able to choose the majors i whant in university.
    And last i am very excited about the festival in christmas which will be fun and very amusing and on the other side it will help us earn some money for our trip to London with all my classmates and teachers.

    Alexandre Al-Farkh

  25. Hi Noelia,

    This year I am a new students in this school,I would not have many friends but the people of this school are amazing.In this course I want to make many friends and enjoy with them these two years.

    Another of my expectations is studying more math this year.Also I want to pass all subjects this year,I want to get the best grades of my life.

    I will make new friends this year and I will be a better person.I think that I can get it.

    Finally,I want to have a big stage at this school.

    Estéfano Sánchez 1ºBachillerato "A" Nº21

  26. Summer vacation is over,and our school has begun. Without notice,we are get into the 1º bachillerato.At the beginning of school,every teacher are repeating the same words like bachillerato is very important,the university depends on a 60 percent of marks of bachillerato..blahblah..And I know this year is gonna be a very tough year. So,I have to study harder and harder.

    Expectations about english:I should practise my listenning,to understand what are a native speaker saying.And my speaking,to speak english with native speaker.And I have to learn more english words,obviously without words you wont understand what are they saying and neither you can talk to them.
    Expectation about spanish:the situation is similar to english,because..you see,I'm not a spanish neither I´m native speaker,even I have already stayed in spain like 5 years?I can´t remember exactly,my spanish is still very bad,like very very very bad.I think is very pathetic..So I have to study a lot too...
    Except english and spanish,there are subjects like technical drawing,I think is really difficult,so I have to work a lot on this subject;biology,physics and chemical...Learn this type of subjects is very difficult for me,I don´t even know why have chosen sciences and no liberal arts..Maybe I’m stupid,I was thinking that pleasure can make you work harder,but thinking about the results of last year..ugh...is better to forget about it... and many other subjects also need to study hard.
    Conclusion :Do all my homeworks,if I don´t understand I have to ask my teachers or classmates,progress more,study more,get good marks....
    ¨So this year,work hard and there is no play hard. ¨!!!

    Minya Chen 1º Bachillerato B Nº 5

  27. Hi Noelia!

    My expectations for this year are negatives and positives.
    Negatives because I think that this year I will must study very much and pass the exams will are very difficult.
    But positive too because this year, my class is better than of the last year in my opinion and I am more confortable. Also we will do the musical of "We Will Rock You" and the travel to London, I have very well disposed for do the two things.

    My expectations for English´s classes are enought goods. The idiom I like it and I want learn more Inglish. I suposse that I will pass the exams but the "listenings" and the "speaking" are difficults for me but I try improve this. I hope that English´s classes will are very funnys.

    Gonzalo García García
    1ºBACH ``A´´

  28. Hi Noelia.
    My expectations for 1 Bach are normal expectations , for example, I think that if I study more than the last year I will easily pass, of course this will be very hard but I´m sure that at the end of de course I will have a great reward. At English´s classes I will study to mach and I will work hard, I hope pass your exams and a have a great mark.
    Almost there are two more important things that I think that are going to be awesome, the musical ¨We will Rock You¨ and the travel to London.
    Nacho Cruz García. 1 Bach B Nº8

  29. Hi Noelia!

    This year is very important for me. I start bachillerato and I will study a lot of for passing the course. Apart of this, I want to partiicipate in the musical of the school because I think that is a good experience with my friends. Other thing that I want is to play football. Is very important for me because football makes me dont think about the school but I dont want football will be a problem for study and pass with a good mark the course. This year will be very nice but very dificult.

    Mario Fernández Vaquero 1 Bach A Nº4