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Monday, February 20, 2012


Last week, in our 1ºBach. classes, we studied past tenses and we ended up writing about our dreams: the strangest, the scariest, the funniest... dream that we've ever had.

I always forget my dreams, but it seems that my students are really good at remembering theirs and they came up with great stories that they'd like to share with you.

Feel free to comment on their stories :)


  1. The strangest dream I've ever had

    A friend and I were on an indoor swimming pool. The walls were too tall and there was only a small window on the top of one and a small door, were my friend and I were standing.
    Suddenly, a very strange man appeared in the swimming pool. He walked like Danny Succo in Grease, and "Stayin Alive" was sounding. The man was totally bald and he was wearing a red toweling, one piece pyjamas and no shoes. I was very scared of him because he wanted to steal my babies, who hadn't broken the eggshell yet. But we made an agreement, he will only take one of the eggs. I awoked terrified.

    María Sánchez Fernández Nº28 1ºBach. B

  2. That day, my life changed forever.
    I remember it was a windy, cloudy day. I was running as fast as I could because I was late and I had been studying all night for an exam which was going to determine my future: going to University to study Economics. My dream was to become rich.
    Suddenly, a very strange sunbeam iluminated my face. I stopped and I saw a human figure. My granny! -That's not possible, you're dead-I said.
    -Honey,I've come to announce that you have a natural gift and I want you to use it in the right way. If you want to avoid your mum's death, you must think about something happy-said my granny
    And suddenly she left, without signs. What did she mean? "Ok, let's see". I was concentrating on something happy and suddenly I couldn't breathe and it was like the world had run out of gravity. When I opened my eyes I was in another place. Mum's office! I looked at the clock: half past ten in the morning. "That's not possible. One minute ago it was nine o'clock! I looked at the calendar: the same date.
    I approached the window and I saw my mum walking down the street and a car was driving towards her! I wanted to shout, to cry, to close my eyes and not see the most horrible scene in my life, but I couldn't. Again I couldn't breathe and I didn't feel gravity on my body. "I wanna die", I thought while tears were streaming down my face. When I opened my eyes, I was in the same place where I came across my grandma, and I remember her words. Time: nine o'clock. "Wow, I've just seen the future!!"
    I started to run, thinking about the accident. "I have to avoid it!" Half an hour later I was entering my mum's office and a waterfall of hapiness and refief filled up my heart. She was as usual, wearing her blue glasses and playing on the computer. Mummyyyyyy!!! I hugged her and, of course, I was by her side all morning and the accident didn't happen. I had a clear idea: I didn't want to study Economics. I wanted to save people with my gift: to see the future. Thank, granny!!!

    Laura López, 1º Bach. B
    Hope you like it!! =)

    1. I was scared the first time I read it and now I'm scared again... Love it!! :)

    The strangest dream I've ever had was between scary and funny and I dreamt it last year. First, I was at my home doing I don't remember what and then I heard voices in the kitchen, so I went there. When I arrived I saw my parents and my grandfather (it's strange because he lives in Almería, I don't know what was he doing there) talking, they seemed worried; then I, wondering why they had such a bad face, asked to my dad: "What's wrong?" and my dad, looking at the window (like a detective does in a mistery film) answered: "Tonight we'll have full moon. The 'lobhienas' are coming". Now I know that the 'lobhienas' don't exist (I hope) and if it were so, they'd be like a really strange mix of wolves and hyenas but the problem is that in the dream they should be the worst thing in the world because then I cried: "Oh no! Not the 'lobhienas'!" And it was then when, looking through the window, I saw one of the most disgusting animals I've ever seen laughing and (yes, also) barking. Except that, all I can remember of my dream is not much more: just how my mum risked her life going down-stairs to close the door (also strange because we have no stairs) and how my sister and I asked to my grandfather if we could sleep with him because we were afraid of the 'lobhienas' (I don't know what was he STILL doing there). So that's all; this is the strangest dream I've ever had and, what have I learnt about it? Just two things: I've seen too much TV., and I have to have lighter dinners! ;)

    1. It's just great! I also hope the 'lobhienas' don't exist!! Thank you Cecilia!!

  4. MY DREAM.
    Last night ,I dreamed that I finished the school and I wasn`t going to study at the University.I was playing football in the street , and a man offered me a job.I accepted it.I became a famous player.I won a lot of money and I had many fans.
    One day I went to a famous party. There were many people , the house was very big . It was very far and it took me 2hours to get there. I drove my sport car and I enjoyed when...the party finished , I was going back yo my house , in the parking one man followed me , I looked at him and he killed me...I awoke.
    I have trouble remembreing dreams.

    1. Thank you Jesús! If it comes true, don't forget about me!! (well... just the first part... :P )

  5. The strangest dream I've ever had.

    Two years ago I was sleeping and I had a scaring dream, I was in a white bedroom that was empty, there was only a white notebook with all the pages without any letter or picture. Then the windows disappeared and the door was opened, a man, who was wearing a white mask, entered in the room and took the notebook, he came out of the bedroom and the door disappeared with him.
    After that my hair started to change its colour to white, and my skin and my eyes became white too; finally my clothes fall down and disappeared and I was wearing a straitjacket and a pair of very baggy trousers.

  6. my dream is that me an one friend travelled to Mars and can and could investigate "The Red Planet" and find water, plants, animals... and te humanity discover that we aren´t alone in the universe and we can travel and life in this planet. later we travelled to other planets of Solar System and we find new mineral, and we builds new structures and invented the car of the future,this car can run really fast

  7. One Sunday morning I woke up a bit frigtened, I was because I had had a nightmare. I was walking along a lonely street, Iheard a strange noise, I lokeed behind me and I didn't see anything, I started to walk quicker but the noise was close to me.
    I started to run, but the noise continued next to me. Suddenly, I listened to one voice, It was scary and I couldn't understand it. The voice was in my ear:
    -''¡ Juan, it's very late!'' Wake up, my mother shouted in my bedroom

  8. This dream happened about two weeks ago, first I was at the school, the sky began to get cloudy and then it started to rain, it rained more and more we could not leave the school. We all were worried and were told that we had to stay there forever, for a moment we all went crazy, some were going through the windows of the classes. Finally, I started to hear a noise closer every time, it was approaching, when I realized that it was the alarm clock and everything had been a strange dream.

    Marta Atanes, 1ºA Bach.