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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Closed for holidays

Well... tomorrow is school reports day, you all will get your final marks and go on holiday... at last!! :D.

This entry is just to say that even though we haven't had this blog for much time I think it's been something nice to work with for our classes. I'm already looking forward to starting next year again with it from the very beginning. Some of you will already know it but for most of you it will be a new thing, a new experience for the English class. I really hope we can get the most out of this 'place' but what I actually want the most for next year is that you think of the blog as something yours, as a place where we can all take part and where you can express yourselves.

Have a great summer!!


  1. Have a nice summer TEACHER!! :3

  2. Thanks Ana! You too!! I'm going to miss u all next year... :(